Currently being developed: Cameras with IP65/67 and 12 MP polarisation sensor

Polarisation discovers more - make use of this camera with the 12 MP sensor IMX253MZR in the future

With improved object detection in low contrast or reflective light, as well as visualisation of scratches on surfaces or stress distribution, there are numerous applications where polarisation is superior to previous sensor technology. We are currently developing a uEye+ FA industrial camera with GigE interface and the 12 MP polarisation sensor IMX253MZR from Sony. For your planning, you can already find all the technical data in the webstore.

The sensor generates an image with four polarisation directions in a single shot thanks to its polarisation filter. Based on the intensity of each directional polarisation, the polarisation direction and the degree of polarisation of the light source can be determined. The technology thus makes details visible that remain hidden from other sensors.

As a uEye+ FA model, our new development will grant you a robust camera that can easily cope with demanding environments, such as factory automation. The camera housing, lens tubes and the screwable connectors meet the requirements of IP65/67, and the extensive range of accessories is just as tough.