Ensenso X 3d stereo camera with 5 MP cameras

Available from March: Ensenso X with 5 MP cameras

3D image processing with 5 MP point cloud

Larger field of view and more image details. IDS will be offering the flexible 3D camera system Ensenso X with 5 MP cameras with Sony's IMX264 CMOS sensor. Compared to the previous systems with 1.3 MP, they allow for a wider field of view (up to 20 percent) and a plus of up to 35 percent in lateral resolution with almost 30 percent lower noise.

The application areas of Ensenso X range from robotic part handling in factory automation to tray and pallet commissioning in warehouse and logistics automation. Thanks to the larger field of view of the 5 MP sensors the distance between camera system and object can now be reduced: In order to completely capture a Euro pallet with a volume of 120x80x100 cm, a distance of only 1.25 m is required, compared to 1.5 m needed with 1.3 MP sensors. The Z-accuracy improves from 0.43 mm to 0.2 mm.

Ensenso X 3d stereo camera with 5 MP cameras

The FlexView2 projection module used in the Ensenso X36 models also contributes to a more accurate depth information. By means of a modified projection pattern, it provides a high-contrast texture of the objects to be detected - thus the 3D camera system also masters the detection of low-contrast, glossy or reflective surfaces extremely reliably.

As before, users of the new Ensenso X models can choose between compact GigE uEye CP cameras and robust GigE uEye FA cameras with IP65/67 protection class. The 5 MP cameras use the GigE Vision standard to communicate with the pattern projector. This eliminates the need for additional installation of the IDS Software Suite.