Change now to USB 3.0 industrial cameras with IDS

Good reasons to switch now to USB

Heading into the future with IDS

USB 3.0 plays an increasingly important role in both industrial and non-industrial applications. There are good reasons for that: USB 3.0 conquered the consumer world, and USB 3.1 will be doing so very soon. The interface is more and more cost-effectively available, and it will replace USB 2.0 entirely, even in the industrial environment.

Your advantage with USB: just “plug and play” your USB 3.0 industrial camera directly into a PC and set up your machine vision system easily and conveniently. External devices such as lighting elements can be operated directly via the camera without the need of a separate power supply.

With USB 3.0 active cables or fiber optic cables, cable lengths up to 50 meters are technically feasible. Another decisive argument for USB 3.0 is the extremely high bandwidth, especially in applications with high demands for high resolution at higher inspection speed.

Only with USB 3.0 you exploit all advantages of modern CMOS sensors.

Change now to USB 3.0 industrial cameras with IDS