IDS Solution Partners

IDS partner network welcomes new members in North America

IDS Solution Partners: Vision solutions as a one-stop service

If companies lack the know-how or resources to select, create and implement an image processing solution, they can now rely on the partner network from IDS. The trained and certified "IDS Solution Partners" can take care of all aspects of image processing projects - from consulting and planning, preliminary tests, system optimization and staff training, to setup and installation as well as maintenance and support of machine vision systems.

When image processing applications become more complex, the requirements for planning and integration increase. Not every company can or wants to handle this itself. This is where our partner network comes into play: It provides tailor-made end-to-end solutions - based on state-of-the-art image analysis systems, robotics and automation expertise. "Clients submit their inquiry to us. We get in touch, clarify their requirements and then refer them to the partner who meets these needs best," explains Jeremy Bergh, Director North America at IDS.

Two more members have recently joined the network: Wilco Imaging, Inc. und Integro Technologies Corp. All of our partners are image processing specialists and have a proven track record in the realization of demanding projects. Provided with IDS demo equipment, they can do feasibility studies for your project and develop solution proposals right on the spot. To ensure a consistently high quality standard, they are in close contact with IDS experts and receive regular training.