1.000.000th IDS camera

Milestones and new shores

IDS delivers millionth camera

Some people want to make their first million before their 40th birthday. IDS has already made it in half the time - not in euros but in pieces: In May 2018 we were able to deliver our millionth camera. This means that 1,000,000 IDS cameras are in use worldwide.

A milestone that confirms our visionary strategy only three years after production of the 500,000th camera.

"Cameras are already a standard component of many different applications. This will become even stronger in the future. I see great opportunities for our products, especially in the field of deep learning," explains IDS founder Jürgen Hartmann.

1.000.000th IDS camera

The completely new generation of vision app-based sensors and cameras illustrates the further development and expansion of the company by opening up new business fields: The "IDS NXT" platform enables and supports networked applications in industry 4.0 just as easily as on a smartphone.

However, numerous new models and features will also be developed for the rapidly growing 3D vision segment and for the portfolio of classic industrial cameras, in this VISION year of 2018.

In line with the strategic objectives, the company headquarters in Obersulm will also be further expanded by 2019. An innovation and technology centre with an area of around 4,500 square metres is planned. "We want to start construction work in the fourth quarter," explains Jan Hartmann, Managing Director of the B39 Technology Center and son of IDS company founder Jürgen Hartmann. This is good news for the region because we are also growing steadily in terms of personnel. With the new appointments made in May, we have passed the 250-employee mark.